Linux driver for the Hopf Clock Mouse device

Recently, i have acquired some radio controlled clock devices by Hopf Elektronik GmbH. Unfortunately, they did not come with a Linux driver, so i had to write one on my own :-)

You can download the source code, which is available under the GNU General Public License. There are no installation instructions, since the whole "distribution" consists of one single c source only. If you prefer a binary file, i have a precompiled one. This was created on SuSE Linux version 6.0, and has been verified to run with version 7.0 also. Oh! Since my provider doesn't handle binary files correctly, clicking the links to download probably won't work for you. Right-click them and use 'save as' to save the files.

NO WARRANTY! I am not afiliated with Hopf Elektronik GmbH and do not have any information about the device except what comes with it. This program is not warranted against defects by either Hopf Elektronik GmbH or myself, and although it works fine for me, I can't tell whether it will for you. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK!